About the International Energetic Healing Association

Energetic Healing

The International Energetic Healing Association is comprised of individuals who reside in a vibrant world of Energy and recognize the Mind-Body-Spirit as an intelligent, dynamic system. We support other Beings at whatever level is needed in order to bring their systems into Balance.

Our focus is on Wellness, Balance and Harmony.

We understand and trust the inherent healing systems within each Being and guide those in need of Balance to Trust and Listen to their own systems.

The specific Modality that a practitioner chooses to use is a tool to provide faster, more comfortable, a more in-depth transformational process.

How the practitioner uses the modality they select, how they are able to flow with the Beings own unique Journey and how they engage the Being in their own Healing Process, all are important for an IEHA Practitioner.

Therefore an International Energetic Healing Association Member may be a nutritionist, osteopath, body worker, Yoga teacher, acupuncturist, herbalist or even a surgeon!

It is the MINDSET that is Energetic!

A successful team beats with one heart


IEHA President

Hi, I’m Catherine. I’m the President of the IEHA. So nice to meet you!

Why did you become involved in the IEHA?

I became involved in the IEHA because I am passionate about energy! A few years ago I received a very strong calling to educate the world about energetic related therapies. These are powerful methods to bring balance to a person’s life and I don’t feel they are widely understood or appreciated. The IEHA is the Voice for us to do this. Personally, I would love to go to a Therapy Centre and find several different choices for wellness and balance available. That has become our goal… to educate the world about energy work and to bring it more into the forefront of mainstream society.

What does the IEHA mean to you?

The IEHA to me means the future. I feel that many people are frustrated with the level of healthcare options available to them and the seeming lack of choice for their own state of wellbeing. The IEHA offers a Voice for our members’ work, demonstrating how many effective choices exist for bringing Balance into your life. There are so many effective therapies out there. We wanted to connect the work of our global community and educate the world. The world should know about energy work and where to go to find real information.

What is your personal mantra? Motto? Philosophy of life?

I strive to live life to the fullest while honouring all forms of life. I start my day offering gratitude, and as much as humanly possible try to be in that place throughout the day. As an Aries, I have many balls in the air at once, so keeping a sense of Balance is my challenge!

What do you like to do for fun?

Hum, I must say my definition of ‘fun’ has changed radically over the years, but something that has never changed is anything having to do with music or dancing. How freeing is it to dance unencumbered, stomping your stress out and singing along to an upbeat song? I consider that loads of fun. Lately I dance with my young daughter in our living room. We have ‘disco Saturdays’ where we turn on music and our family just jumps until we are exhausted. Sometimes our dog gets into the act as well.

What is the dominant colour in your closet?

I have to say that this colour used to be black, but then I started studying colour as an energy source and things quickly changed. I now have loads of different colours in my closet to suit the energy that I need or feel for that day.

What energises you?

So two things really get me going… any kind of movement: crazy dancing as already mentioned, yoga, running, biking, anything active is my meditation and gets my blood pumping. But also anything music related. I write Ambient music and when I’m writing I’m in another realm of reality—which is where I access my music.

What is your Happy Place?

Without a doubt sitting in the middle of the forest with no sound other than Nature around me. That is where I find peace and serenity and answers to my questions.

What do you do to get out of a funk?

You know, sometimes it’s good to be in a funk for a little bit. I sit in that space and think of why I’m there. But then I get bored of it and think, yeah that’s enough – time to change my energy— so I’ll play piano or go for a run or tickle my daughter. Seeing her laugh makes me laugh. Life’s too short to be in a funk for long!

What message would you like to share with those reading?

Live life fully – passionately, crazily – don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t let people’s opinions burn holes in your dreams. You have only this one shot at this particular life — don’t waste it hiding and spending time in a negative space. And get a dog— they’re great!


Membership Director

Hi ya’ll! I’m Krista, the Membership Director for IEHA, and I’d like to take this moment to welcome you to the family! Getting to this point has been a journey. When we were sitting together as a brand new Board getting to know each other, we realised that putting together the same old boring bios wasn’t the vibe we wanted to bring to the association. No, we realised that this is not your usual business association and we are not solely about insurance. Nope, we wanted to create a family, a place that Energetic Healers would feel at home.

Why did you become involved in the IEHA?

Hahaha… this is an interesting story that began with me, living in a new place in a new country, looking for a place to “belong” and find people like me. I found a meetup group on the Northern Beaches and asked them if they knew of a group in the Pennant Hills area and the organiser gave me Catherine’s number. I texted her and we met for coffee the following week and that was the first time I heard of the IEHA (which at the time was the EHA). It was lovely… we both discovered that we were from the US and had similar interests. A few months later, we met again for coffee and this time Catherine told me more about the IEHA and by the end of our visit she had asked if I’d like to help work with membership. I had experience and thought it would be fun, and so, as they say the rest is history.

What does the IEHA mean to you?

What sold me on the IEHA was the fact that our mission was to empower and educate people about the benefits of Energetic Healing. We are going to be the voice of Energetic Healing because we understand that it’s about bridging the conventional medicine with alternative healing practices and teaching individuals that wellness come from within. The thought of being with people who wanted to be the change in the world they wanted to see was inspiring. The inclusiveness of ALL Energetic Healers is FANTASTIC… the more we understand each other the more we can work together to heal those who need us most. For me it has never been about working with my clients one at a time (even though I do love it!) but about touching as many lives as I can; “Kristalising” their lives and raising the vibration of the world.

What is your personal mantra? Motto? Philosophy of life?

Life is meant to be lived… it is not an observation sport!

And believe me when I tell you that I live each day to its fullest. I treat people the way I want to be treated, and if I can make at least one person smile from the heart I have had a winning day. Like most of you, my day begins with caffeine, I am a morning coffee drinker, however before I have my coffee I thank Creator for a wonderful day. Gratitude is the BEST attitude and I find it is very contagious.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to travel! I love to meet people… I love to be in the sunshine… I love to walk on the beach, hike in the woods, play in the red dirt. Laughing, smiling and giving hugs isn’t just about showing emotion for me but sharing the joys of life!

What is the dominant colour in your closet?

It would be easier for me to tell you what colours aren’t in my closet… I don’t have any yellow or brown in my closet…beyond that I have a rainbow of colour in my closest and usually ask my guides what colour I need to wear for the day. I know a bit kookie!

What is your favourite food?

I believe we should eat a rainbow every day! Who doesn’t like food? It’s about good food that fuels your body, feeds the mind and nourishes the soul. And yes, I do believe chocolate is part of that… dark chocolate is my fav!

What energises you?

EXERCISE! Body movement…if my energy is low I either go for a walk, a run (not so much anymore) or turn on dancing music and DANCE! Dancing feet are HAPPY FEET!

Where is your Happy Place?

This has changed over the years but I find that it is outside… I love watching nature, connecting to trees and listening to the birds. Feeling the wind on my skin is thrilling, so when I need some HEAVY DUTY grounding I hop on a sailboat and ride the wind…

What do you do to pull yourself out of a funk?

I find that energy that is in motion stays in motion, so being happy is my overall disposition, however when the suckies do present I get off my butt and MOVE! If that isn’t enough I smudge myself, my house and my family with California White Sage or Palo Santo wood. Then I grab ‘Rosie’, she is my Rose Quartz from Maine, and find that it helps me reach the balance I need at that moment. Crystals are my ‘go to’ for pretty much everything… I’ve been working with crystals since I was a little girl.