Sacred Quantum Music and Plant Singing

Roman Light has a background in various modalities of consciousness enhancement, including sacred geometry, sound healing, neganthropic plasma generator, ocean minerals therapy, spiritual arithmetic, DNA reprogramming, quantum music and ancient wisdom. He has a tremendous understanding of complex matters pertaining to consciousness and evolution, and his mission is to bring back the simplicity of the ancient wisdom into our modern civilization.

Roman is also an artist performer that loves giving voice 
to the plant realm, using new technology where human and plants start to communicate and perform together in the most heart-warming way. He is very determined to make a difference by re-educating people on the truths that have been suppressed about frequency, harmony and resonance and its impact on humanity as a collective.

Sacred Paths to Gratitude

In a Gratitude Circle, Deborah Shepherd and Mignon Mukti will share stories and incorporate sound, song and mantras enabling you to connect to the vibration of gratitude. Explore how other cultures honour this ancient principle and how you can incorporate this into your spiritual practice to make a difference in your relationships, our planet and truly embrace this journey called life.

Studies have shown that being grateful improves your health and wellbeing, opening yourself up to attract the most supportive and loving relationships, brightening your days, connecting you to mother nature, the abundance she provides and allowing flow, enabling you to manifest that business, creative project or endeavor with little or no effort – it is what we call “being in the flow”.

A commitment to living a grateful life is not for the faint-hearted, it can be a tricky one to navigate when things are not they way you want, and yet this is where the gift lies – opening your heart and committing to the true mastery of this vibrational state is a way of life, fostering abundant thinking and gives you choice, expansion and freedom!

Deborah is the Founder of Gratitude Online, incorporating Embrace Life Festivals, Lighten Up Summit and the Conscious Marketplace – a co-operative movement for conscious and purpose driven entrepreneurs in the health and well-being sector.

The importance of gratitude and giving back underpins Deborah’s approach to all aspects of her life, which she advocates to members of the movement. The adoption of this philosophy has generated unprecedented growth over the past three years from 50 locals to a global audience reach of 61,000 members with 850 participating businesses.

Importantly, the positive social impact of the movement is further leveraged to facilitate corporate social responsibility and charitable work.

Mignon is a Musician, Sacred Activist and Sound Wizard. She brings her music and healing from the townships of South Africa, where she grew up playing songs of freedom, spirit and change. She now leads Divine Songs, sacred song circles from many cultures and interfaith traditions in Australia and beyond.

Mignon’s heart based music brings diverse communities together for transformation through mantra, spirituality, music and loving intention. She is the production manager for all Embrace Life festivals and contributes live interviews with sacred musicians to Gratitude Online as “Musing with Mukti”.

Future Vision and Membership for IEHA

According to Robert Waldinger, Professor at Harvard Medical School, his 75-year-long study on happiness shows that belonging to a positive supportive community is vitally important for creating positive healthy happy habits. This is what drives IEHA’s vision for the future – join Krista Ducharme to learn more.

Krista is an Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Mentor; also known as the ‘Crystal Goddess of the Southern Hemisphere.’ For the past 20+ years she has worked with clients all around the globe providing healing session, intuitive readings, workshops, classes, and online programs teaching people how to calm in their mind, feel their body and connect to their passion, becoming the creator of their life all while having FUN!

Krista is the author of ‘Crystal Dimensions Calendar’, ‘Creating Abundance using Crystals’ eKit and designer of ‘Crystals 101’ for those who want to learn the practical and fun side of using crystals in their everyday lives.

Krista is a highly inspirational, engaging and motivating speaker who lives what she teaches and is a beacon of light for those who are ready to become the BEST version of themselves!!


The Path to Publishing

Lisa Hanrahan is a Publishing Director who will speak on the background of the mind body spirit field of publishing, current trends and upcoming services for the future. She will also explore the author’s journey of getting publishing in Australia and overseas; how to promote yourself as an author and build your brand; how to deliver the perfect pitch on your manuscript; understand the advantages and challenges in Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing.

What are the real costs of making a book? What can go wrong? What does a writer need to know? These questions are just some that will be addressed by Lisa, as she with you the best-kept secrets of the publishing industry today. Gain a deeper insight into the mind of a Publisher and the rise of independent publishing as a real option for aspiring and recognised authors alike.


Accreditation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Catherine Czerepak will explain the purpose and process of accreditation, offer guidelines for choosing an accrediting agency, and offer tips for those creating their own program. She will also explore the function of accreditation in the realm of the IEHA Vision. The IEHA is currently collaborating with the University of Illinois, USA, in order to establish International Accreditation for Energy programs which will be recognised globally.

Catherine has a long history in the field of International Education. She obtained her MA in Applied Linguistics with a secondary tract in Pedagogy in 1997 from the University of Illinois. After her graduate work, she found herself working in the private sector for the City of Chicago, overseeing all aspects of program design and management for Welfare to Workplace programs. She has also sat on the Accreditation Board for a series of private language schools, working closely with the chairs of the 50 US-based centers as well as the US Board of Education. Her time as an International Sales Director for ELS, a subsidiary of Berlitz International, took her away from the classroom; but with her current home at the IEHA she returns to doing what she loves, helping others birth their dreams.



Protecting Your Livelihood: Why Insurance Matters

Think insurance is boring? Think again! Natasha Burr from Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers will outline why having the right insurance is one of the most important decisions any business owner can make; how policies are priced; and how insurance can save the day at claims time. This presentation will also feature a Q&A session.


As a natural therapist, you have unique needs when it comes to insurance cover. It makes sense to work with a specialised insurance broker who understands those needs, can provide you with the right cover for your specific modality, and has the flexibility to offer additional options as your business grows, or if you decide to go part-time.

Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers is the endorsed broker of the International Energetic Healers Association, offering exceptional value professional indemnity and public liability insurance to protect your business and livelihood.

Our professional indemnity (PI) insurance covers you for the financial consequences of any mistakes you may make in providing professional advice. It also protects against allegations of professional misconduct or negligence to help safeguard your personal and business reputation.

Public liability (PL) insurance, meanwhile, covers you for any injuries to third persons that might occur on your premises, through negligence or accidental means.

Why choose Arthur J Gallagher for your natural therapist Insurance cover?

More than 15,000 natural therapists across Australia turn to AJG for their insurance cover. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Australia and NZ wide cover with up to 90 days overseas (except for Canada and USA)
  • The most approved therapies available
  • We can cover your contents and stock Australia wide
  • Automatic inclusion for Market Stalls (up to $50,000 turnover per year)
  • Part-time rates available for those earning less than $5,000 per annum
  • Free claim support
  • Free glass cover
  • Guaranteed lowest Premiums (pay by the month options are available – interest applies)
  • Two RE-INSTATEMENTs on Professional Indemnity Limit for the insurance period.



Find out more

You focus on helping your clients to achieve health and well-being. Let us focus on protecting you and your business. We can guide you with insurance advice and arrange the right insurance solution to suit you.

For more information, or a quote, call our friendly team today on 1800 222 012 or email

Alternatively, you can fill in a proposal form via the AJG natural therapies insurance webpage.


Using Social Media to Build Your Business

Nikki White will provide a simple set of social media principles to encourage you to actively promote yourself and your business. She will talk about the role and scope of social media in marketing and provide you with strategies to approach other providers in order to build referral networks.Nikki White is passionate about seeing Wellness practitioners succeed in business. She is a small business mentor, as well as a spiritual / intuitive being, and is convinced that regardless of what modality is practiced, it is possible to be professional, successful and profitable.

Using her vast knowledge of business management combined with her empathetic supportive personality, she empowers practitioners to grow in confidence within their business by teaching them the ‘how-to in business’ on a unique and individual level.

She understands the fears that stop practitioners from stepping up to the next level in business and works with her clients to help them through these, at the same time learning the practical side of business.

Nikki has been running small businesses for 10 years and is also a ThetaHealing practitioner. She currently supports practitioners via two businesses:

  • My Wellness Business, which educates and supports practitioners via free online articles and mentoring programs; and
  • Wellness Hubs Australia, which holds exclusive practitioner only networking groups around 7 locations Australia wide.



Healing with Frequency

Susie Nelson-Smith will share some background information on crystal bowls before taking you on a series of sound journeys. Using crystal bowls of different frequencies, you will have the unique opportunity to feel, absorb, sense, hear and know how you respond to different sound vibrations. Research into this area of sound is new and together we will be on the leading edge of sonic exploration.

The sacred penetrating tones of the alchemy and classic frosted bowls and their resonant frequencies transmit, transduce and transform energy. These exquisite instruments are powerful tools that magnify and amplify. The sounds enhance meditation and prayer, support healing at all energy levels and can shift consciousness into higher and more refined modes of thought and creativity. Entraining with the sounds of the crystal bowls is easy and natural as their frequencies help to harmonise our mind, body and spirit with our essential Oneness.

International teacher and performer, creator and founder of Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) with crystal singing bowls, and Crystal Vibrational Therapy (CVT) with crystals and gems, Susie brings her passion and fascination for life and its mysteries to every aspect of her teaching, performing and personal life. With a deep and profound interest in discovering ways to transform patterns of energy, Susie teaches her specialities in Crystal Sound and Crystal Therapy in Australia and around the world.

Since the age of 12, she has been a student of religion, spirituality and the esoteric mysteries and with a degree in English Literature, History and Philosophy and a Post Graduate degree in Communication Management, Susie brings her love of knowledge and healing to her teaching program with crystal singing bowls and crystals and gems. Advancing the understanding and professional application of Crystal Sound Therapy is a “Path of the Heart” for Susie. Looking forward into the next 12 months, she is focused on writing a book on Crystal Sound Therapy and organising the first Crystal Bowl World Sound Symposium in Sydney, 19-22 May, 2017.


Glossary of Cell Intelligence

In the early 1990s, in a quest to find a cure for her children, dying from a rare genetic disease, Elaine Croker uncovered a system by which she could talk to the cells as an intelligent life force. She healed all four children and developed PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations, embarking on a quest to help others.

Elaine will show how you can tap into the intelligence of your cells to give guidance for Health, Wealth and Wisdom; allowing you to return to pure essence of Love, Joy, Grace, Peace and Wisdom.

At the core of our Being our cells are controlled by our subconscious mind. By reprogramming at this level, a breakthrough can be achieved in all areas of our lives.

“…We think and we read… we form beliefs in our cells which store our values. We build our cells through our choices. These cells are made from the elements and crystal Carbon. We are electrical in form and we hear through the elements. Our emotions come from our flesh and blood reactions to our feelings about life. The pituitary gland in the brain spits out cells and sends them through the body but they are all trained by our thoughts… we tell our thoughts how to interact with each other. If we were to take a cell from the body and decode its patterns in relation to sickness and emotional stress, we can take that sickness and distress away from the cell without the cell dying. It opens a kit full of records and changes its code back to the original perfect genetic imprint” ~ Elaine Croker

Elaine is the founder of the modality “PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations” and a medical intuitive. She is the author of a series of five books that shows us the intelligence and telepathic connections of the cells. These books also reveal the facets of the soul’s development and growth in direct connection with the Human Being.
We discover through her writings our cells hold our truth and spiritual wisdom. They can and will deliver all that we ask of them.


Deep Shamanic Meditation

Louise Gilmore will introduce you to shamanism, a 50,000-year-old tradition that informs many meditation systems in the world today. Experience a clear and simple pathway to healing, guidance and empowerment. Understand the healing power of our primal connection to nature and experience the age-old practice of shamanic journeying with drumming and rattling.

This session will show you how to supercharge your meditation practice with shamanic skills, which offer a pathway to healing, guidance and empowerment through deep investigation into nature and the natural ways of being in our bodies.

Louise has trained people to meditate and become meditation teachers in college, health and corporate settings for more than 25 years, and has studied and taught shamanic practices for 16 years. Her studies have taken her to many countries and trainings in many traditions.

She wrote and currently teaches the Diploma of Transformative Meditation and the Certificate in Shamanic Practices, as well as advanced courses in meditation at Awareness Institute, Crows Nest. Louise also works as an Energetic and Shamanic healer.