Sacred Paths to Gratitude

In a Gratitude Circle, Deborah Shepherd and Mignon Mukti will share stories and incorporate sound, song and mantras enabling you to connect to the vibration of gratitude. Explore how other cultures honour this ancient principle and how you can incorporate this into your spiritual practice to make a difference in your relationships, our planet and truly embrace this journey called life.

Studies have shown that being grateful improves your health and wellbeing, opening yourself up to attract the most supportive and loving relationships, brightening your days, connecting you to mother nature, the abundance she provides and allowing flow, enabling you to manifest that business, creative project or endeavor with little or no effort – it is what we call “being in the flow”.

A commitment to living a grateful life is not for the faint-hearted, it can be a tricky one to navigate when things are not they way you want, and yet this is where the gift lies – opening your heart and committing to the true mastery of this vibrational state is a way of life, fostering abundant thinking and gives you choice, expansion and freedom!

Deborah is the Founder of Gratitude Online, incorporating Embrace Life Festivals, Lighten Up Summit and the Conscious Marketplace – a co-operative movement for conscious and purpose driven entrepreneurs in the health and well-being sector.

The importance of gratitude and giving back underpins Deborah’s approach to all aspects of her life, which she advocates to members of the movement. The adoption of this philosophy has generated unprecedented growth over the past three years from 50 locals to a global audience reach of 61,000 members with 850 participating businesses.

Importantly, the positive social impact of the movement is further leveraged to facilitate corporate social responsibility and charitable work.

Mignon is a Musician, Sacred Activist and Sound Wizard. She brings her music and healing from the townships of South Africa, where she grew up playing songs of freedom, spirit and change. She now leads Divine Songs, sacred song circles from many cultures and interfaith traditions in Australia and beyond.

Mignon’s heart based music brings diverse communities together for transformation through mantra, spirituality, music and loving intention. She is the production manager for all Embrace Life festivals and contributes live interviews with sacred musicians to Gratitude Online as “Musing with Mukti”.