Glossary of Cell Intelligence

In the early 1990s, in a quest to find a cure for her children, dying from a rare genetic disease, Elaine Croker uncovered a system by which she could talk to the cells as an intelligent life force. She healed all four children and developed PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations, embarking on a quest to help others.

Elaine will show how you can tap into the intelligence of your cells to give guidance for Health, Wealth and Wisdom; allowing you to return to pure essence of Love, Joy, Grace, Peace and Wisdom.

At the core of our Being our cells are controlled by our subconscious mind. By reprogramming at this level, a breakthrough can be achieved in all areas of our lives.

“…We think and we read… we form beliefs in our cells which store our values. We build our cells through our choices. These cells are made from the elements and crystal Carbon. We are electrical in form and we hear through the elements. Our emotions come from our flesh and blood reactions to our feelings about life. The pituitary gland in the brain spits out cells and sends them through the body but they are all trained by our thoughts… we tell our thoughts how to interact with each other. If we were to take a cell from the body and decode its patterns in relation to sickness and emotional stress, we can take that sickness and distress away from the cell without the cell dying. It opens a kit full of records and changes its code back to the original perfect genetic imprint” ~ Elaine Croker

Elaine is the founder of the modality “PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations” and a medical intuitive. She is the author of a series of five books that shows us the intelligence and telepathic connections of the cells. These books also reveal the facets of the soul’s development and growth in direct connection with the Human Being.
We discover through her writings our cells hold our truth and spiritual wisdom. They can and will deliver all that we ask of them.