• Connecting with a global consciousness and like-minded people
    • Connecting with practitioners representing different modalities
    • Connecting with businesses who support Energetic Healing such as lawyers, accountants, insurance companies
    • Connecting with established Centers who support your modality

    • Energetic Healing insights through continuing education
    • Furthering your knowledge of your modality through workshops, lectures etc
    • Small Business education

    • You have a desire for service but you might not know where to take it. What do you want to do with your life? We help you connect to your deeper purpose in service to get you to where you ultimately would like to go.

    • Freedom – to be your authentic self and live your authentic life
    • Choice – everything in your life is a choice
    • Power – you have the power over your life, your health, your wellness, your happiness

    • Respect for your choices and your truths
    • Increased Respect for the industry and the different modalities that comprise Energetic Healing
    • Respected and trusted voice of Energetic Healing
    • Increasing Credibility and overall respect of the field of Energetic Healing

    • Discounts on IEHA events
    • Discounts with Friends of IEHA businesses
    • Invitation to IEHA Members Only events
    • Discounted ticket to IEHA’s Annual Conference


We’re a global family of practitioners and professionals who understand the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and that we are energetic beings that reside in a world of energy.

(Einstein quote)

An IEHA Member may be working as a:

  • energetic healer
  • nutritionist
  • osteopath
  • bodyworker
  • yoga instructor
  • acupuncturist
  • herbalist
  • or even a surgeon!

Our members are individuals who reside in a vibrant world of Energy and recognize the Mind-Body-Spirit as an intelligent, dynamic system. We provide support to other Beings at whatever level is needed in order to bring their systems into Balance.

Our focus is on Wellness, Balance and Harmony.

We understand and trust the inherent healing systems within each Being and guide those in need of Balance to Trust and Listen to their own systems.

The specific Modality that a practitioner chooses to use is a tool to provide faster, more comfortable, a more in-depth transformational process.

How the practitioner uses the modality they select, how they are able to flow with the Beings own unique Journey and how they engage the Being in their own Healing Process, all are important for an IEHA Practitioner.

Therefore an IEHA Member may be a nutritionist, osteopath, body worker, Yoga teacher, acupuncturist, herbalist or even a surgeon!

It is the MINDSET that is Energetic!

Our members fit into 4 different categories: