We live in an ever changing world and therefore our knowledge should be ever changing and continually expanding.

The IEHA’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy ensures that all IEHA members are continually growing, and developing with the latest information pertaining to their modality.

CPE ensures the highest level of professionalism, quality of treatments and knowledge.

The IEHA CPE Policy can be read in its entirety here.

CPE points

All IEHA Accredited Programs and Workshops have been approved for IEHA CPE points. All IEHA sponsored workshops and courses are also eligible for IEHA CPE points. Some Friends of IEHA programs and workshops have also been approved for IEHA CPE points.

The following are eligible for CPE points through IEHA:

If you are not a current member of IEHA or a Friend of IEHA and would like your program to be eligible for IEHA CPE points, please contacts via the form below.

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