Healing with Frequency

Susie Nelson-Smith will share some background information on crystal bowls before taking you on a series of sound journeys. Using crystal bowls of different frequencies, you will have the unique opportunity to feel, absorb, sense, hear and know how you respond to different sound vibrations. Research into this area of sound is new and together we will be on the leading edge of sonic exploration.

The sacred penetrating tones of the alchemy and classic frosted bowls and their resonant frequencies transmit, transduce and transform energy. These exquisite instruments are powerful tools that magnify and amplify. The sounds enhance meditation and prayer, support healing at all energy levels and can shift consciousness into higher and more refined modes of thought and creativity. Entraining with the sounds of the crystal bowls is easy and natural as their frequencies help to harmonise our mind, body and spirit with our essential Oneness.

International teacher and performer, creator and founder of Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) with crystal singing bowls, and Crystal Vibrational Therapy (CVT) with crystals and gems, Susie brings her passion and fascination for life and its mysteries to every aspect of her teaching, performing and personal life. With a deep and profound interest in discovering ways to transform patterns of energy, Susie teaches her specialities in Crystal Sound and Crystal Therapy in Australia and around the world.

Since the age of 12, she has been a student of religion, spirituality and the esoteric mysteries and with a degree in English Literature, History and Philosophy and a Post Graduate degree in Communication Management, Susie brings her love of knowledge and healing to her teaching program with crystal singing bowls and crystals and gems. Advancing the understanding and professional application of Crystal Sound Therapy is a “Path of the Heart” for Susie. Looking forward into the next 12 months, she is focused on writing a book on Crystal Sound Therapy and organising the first Crystal Bowl World Sound Symposium in Sydney, 19-22 May, 2017.