Resonances of the Five Elements

John Kirkwood believes that all levels of our being (emotional, physical and spiritual) are interwoven and have resonances which relate to all sections of our life. By becoming in tune with these links we learn that working on one aspect helps the others; and can see what is in balance and serving us, and what is not.

The Five Elements are refractions of Oneness, similar to the way in which light refracts into the colour spectrum. By immersing ourselves in the resonances of these Elements, we come to learn about all levels of our Being: physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual. Drawing from his new book “The Way of the Five Seasons”, John leads you through the Elemental spectrum to discover your strengths and struggles and ways that you can utilise this system for greater health and healing.

John has been working, living and playing with the Five Elements for 30 years, first as a practitioner and teacher of Jin Shin Do® Acupressure, later as a graduate of the SOPHIA program of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute of Maryland, and now as a practitioner and teacher of Five Element Acupressure. John is the author of “The Way of the Five Elements: 52 weeks of powerful acupoints for physical, emotional and spiritual health” and most recently “The Way of the Five Seasons: Living with the Five Elements for physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.”